Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Week One - IT HAS BEGUN!!!!

Oh sweet mother of mercy, the time of the beast is upon us. Hot, sticky, sweet SEC action begins at 8pm EST on ESPN as the OBC steps into Starkville. So what doth the first weekend of major college football hold for the teams of the Southeastern Conference? Let's take a peek at week one of the strangehold that is SEC football!

South Carolina at Mississippi State - Thursday, August 31st, 8pm EST
LETS GET IT ON!!! Unlike most conferences, you can always count on at least one conference game in the SEC during the first week. While its not the sexiest matchup of the weekend, it's not half bad for a Thursday night. Who better than Steven Orr Spurrier to welcome you back into the abyss of college football? The upset special is always a possibility as the OBC doesn't have the best track record playing in Starkville. I'm willing to bet the Cock'n'Fire is loaded for bear and Spurrier's gang takes care of this one early. Croom's boys are bound to see better days at Mississippi State, but this is not likely to be one of them. Final Score: SC 31 MSU 14

at Michigan - Saturday, September 2nd, 12pm EST
While its nice to see the Wolverines opening with an SEC school instead of Directional Michigan, it's not like they've got LSU on their plate. Vandy is fiesty and if Cutler was still around I'd give them a fighting chance. However, no amount of Pac-10 transfers in the world can make up this talent gap and UM has something to prove after last year's disappointing season. Final Score: UM 38 Vandy 10

Western Kentucky at Georgia - Saturday, September 2nd, 12:30p EST
Will the Hilltopper be there? If so, thats the only thing WKU will have going for it down twixt the Hedges. This is a nice way to Tereshinsky to find a groove as a starting QB and a good opportunity for the other QBs to get some experience as well. This should get ugly quick, fast, and in a hurry. Final Score: UGA 49 WKU 7

California at Tennessee - Saturday, September 2nd, 5:30p EST
This is one of the more intriguing matchups of opening weekend. Is Tennessee as bad as they looked last year or has David Cutcliffe's return revitalized the offense? Can the Vol D slow down what should be a very good Cal offense with all-world back Marshawn Lynch? A Vol win would be a fantastic statement to open the season, however, I just don't see it happening. Final Score: Cal 28 UT 17

Southern Miss at Florida - Saturday, September 2nd, 6:00p EST
This game would have been a lot scarier for the Gators about four or five years ago. Or if Ron Zook was still the coach. Both SMQ and EDSBS have this one covered much better than I could hope to. I'm expecting the Gators in a game that is close for a half before the gates open up. Final Score: UF 34 SM 17

Hawaii at Alabama - Saturday, September 2nd, 7p EST
Hawaii almost always has a potent offense. Alabama likely will not. Hawaii hardly ever plays much defense. Alabama generally plays rather solid D. If John Parker Wilson finds any kind of stride this one could be ugly. Final Score: Bama 24 UH 13

Washington State at Auburn - Saturday, September 2nd, 7:45p EST
If this was Mike Price Wazzu, I'd give the Cougs a punchers chance. A few years back a Pac 10 team went down to the Plains and handed Auburn a 24-0 butt whippin'. I see this going down very similarly, only in reverse. Auburn has as good a team as any in the land and this should be a solid opening act for the Tigers. Final Score: AU 38 WSU 10

Louisiana-Lafayette at LSU - Saturday, September 2nd, 8:00p EST
Does anyone outside of the fans and alumni of the former Directional Louisiana think the Cajuns will compete in this game much past the kickoff? A nice cupcake kickoff to get the Bayou Bengals march to Atlanta in gear. Final Score: LSU 56 ULL 10

USC at Arkansas - Saturday, September 2nd, 8:45p EST
Boy this one was painful to watch last year. 70-17. It felt like a severe running-up of the score, but a lot of it was done with 2nd teamers in. For a little while in the first quarter it was 10-7 and Arkansas looked competitive. Then the wheels came off. But, lets ask Georgia and LSU if that team that got slaughtered by the Trojans was the same team they faced at the end of the year. The Hogs should be much better and the Trojans have lost a lot. But they still have plenty of weapons. If Darren McFadden was to be 100%, I might even pick a Hog upset. I can't go that far just yet though, USC will win, but it won't be 70-17. Final Score: USC 28 Ark 20

Memphis at Mississippi - Sunday, September 3rd, 4:30p EST
I admit to rooting for the Memphis Tigers more often than not. I grew up outside of Memphis and they realllly sucked in those days. However, no D'Angelo Williams means not much of a chance this year. Ole Miss may finally have something resembling an offense with Brent Schaeffer. This is usally a great game and I expect it to be competitive, but with Ole Miss in total control. Final Score: Ole Miss 24 Memphis 13

Kentucky at Louisville - Sunday, September 3rd, 8:00p EST
Again, Rich Brooks. That alone equals a Louisville win. Throw in Brohm and Bush and this becomes a total demolition. The countdown to a new head coach in Lexington begins at 8:00p there!!! Final Score: UL 45 UK 7


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College Football Week 1 Wrap Up - Phenomenal 11-2 ATS


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